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Glass and aluminium water bottle

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Staying hydrated is important, be it in real life, in VR or even in renders!
With its simple glass and aluminium modern design, this bottle will provide you with all the water needed to have a good day.

Some examples of use:

  • VR Bottle Tracker
  • Prop in a world
  • Prop in a render scene
  • Brag about having the coolest water bottle in the world

Some notes:

  • Rendering the object was tested on Blender 4.0 with Cycles without any issues
  • The PSD file can be used to change the text on the bottle easily, feel free to create your own
  • You can modify the bottle as you wish but do not redistribute
  • In case of a commission, a commercial license is required (one per commission)
  • If you are a Resonite user, contact j4 as the object has already been imported and is ready for use there

If you have any issues with the object, please do contact me and I will be happy to help!

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Included: Blendfile, glTF, Bottle texture PSD, Default bottle texture PNG, UV map

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Glass and aluminium water bottle

0 ratings
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